deadly beauty: the hamadryad | stylized session by Madison Rose Photography

I had an idea long ago to shoot a series of mythological/fantastical creatures. The idea was to pick beings that were so beautiful it was deadly. That meaning I wanted mainly female creatures who lured you in with their beauty but weren’t so innocent.

I won’t divulge with you my list of ‘to shoot’ creatures for this series but I will share with you know the first of ~hopefully~ many creatures to come.

The hamadryad, according to legend (and Wikipedia, hehe) is a Greek mythological being that lives in trees. They are a type of dryad/nymph. Hamadryad’s are born bonded to a particular tree and if the tree dies, the associated hamadryad dies as well. Hamadryad’s punish any mortal who harm the forest/trees. For this shoot, we had limited time and light. For those reasons, shooting in a location that allowed us to be actually in a tree was not possible unfortunately. Maybe we will get the chance to recreate this shoot again and do more one day, who knows. But I was lucky enough to have a talented team on board for this creation. The idea was to start off with something light and sweet then gradual become slightly darker.

To see additional shots and some behind the scenes work from this shoot go to Madison Rose Photography on Facebook!

MODEL: Vicki Lammond
MUA: Nadia Nadeem
GARMENT: Cada Lui Designs
HEADPIECES/CONCEPT/PHOTOGRAPHY: Madison Rose Photography hamadryad_concept_photography

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