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  • happy 2013 – whoops, i meant 2014!

    It’s certainly going to take a little while getting used to typing/writing/even saying that!

    Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful night filled with wonderful people or at least wonderful food.


    After a fun night of celebrations I’ve come back to my blog with a lot of thoughts so feel free to stick with me on this as I share, or just take the SparkNotes version later.

    First I want to write a big old thank you to everyone who has made my journey through 2013 a successful one. This past year I celebrated one year in business along with a whole multitude of goals I can’t believe I’ve accomplished (800+ Facebook fans say whaaat?) I have to now bestow my most utter gratitude upon you all. No not have to, I want to. I want to shout it from the rooftops how much you have all contributed to my complete happiness this year in a way I never thought possible. Through all your love and support for me and my photographic journey through life. So thank you, from the entirety of my heart.




    Second, I thought I’d share some of my resolution type things with you, in the spirit of the New Year. I don’t hate resolutions but I don’t particularly like them. None the less, I seem to make them every year.

    1. Get on top of my blogging!
    Stay on top of blogging!

    Seriously, I’m terrible. I am slow and I am behind. This isn’t lack of laziness though, I assure you. I am honestly just so busy!! I can’t believe it and I can’t hate it because busy is a blessing! But my New Years goal is to get a hold on this and stay on top of it!

    2. Have more fun.


    This may seem silly or trivial but this one for me is a big deal. I am not saying I don’t have a fun life because I do. But there are far too many times this past year I have sat at home wishing I was doing something fun, wishing I wasn’t bored. Why does it have to be that way? Answer is, it doesn’t. Get up and do something fun. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Have fun with friends, with family, by myself even. And carry that fun into each and every session I do in 2014.

    3. Take more photos.


    Seems obvious. I can’t tell you how many photos I take in a month but I want to take more. I have had my great Grandfather’s camera sitting on my shelf with all my other collected cameras for too long. I’m gonna get a battery, get some film and get going! Also experiment with my ol’ and trusty and see what new things I can teach myself and where my adventures will take me.

    4. More hikes, more adventures.


    On that note, our beautiful city and surroundings have so much to offer so why am I sitting inside so often? (Besides heaps of editing to do, plus blogging… y’know). I plan to not only go out and see and do more, but also be more active whilst doing so! That also being said, I will lump into this resolution the resolution to TRAVEL. Why not do what you want to do, right? I want to see the WORLD. Maybe not all in 2014 but it’s a start!

    5. Love


    Last but not least I plan to love all the more in 2014. Love my family, my friends. Love the world that God has made for us and love myself being in it. It’s cheesy and it’s cliche but I don’t care. I want to love life and live it to it’s fullest and maybe tomorrow I won’t feel the same but right now I’m immortalizing this on my blog and saying I want to love!


    Thanks for reading guys, hope I didn’t bore you to tears (; Have the most blessed New Year because you all deserve it, truly.


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