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    I recently have been working on expanding my newborn portfolio. While I have shot newborns in the past, it is not my primary focus of work. I do, however, really enjoy taking on newborn photography. I put together this post to share a bit about behind the scenes of my newborn session as well as the resulting images! A big thanks to little Caleb for being my model.

    Here is a pull back shot of my set up in the client’s home. I recently put together a wooden floor that I can bring with me to shoots and I will be posting about that very soon! As you can see I have set up so that the wall will be the backdrop. The basket is set up with the blankets I will use and set down on the wooden floor in front of a small space heater. It’s important the heater not be too close because the baby is going to be very sensitive to the heat. The heat is important though, to keep them feeling warm and relaxed. Since your baby is going to be naked (or close too) you don’t want them feeling cold as it will make it harder for them to settle. 1

    Now for some shots of little Caleb! The key to posing is to go with what the baby is doing. Work with where they move (i.e. their arms and hands) and don’t try to force something that isn’t going to happen. Caleb moved his arms this way himself so we went with that! He was a bit finicky but liked having his soother so I decided to keep it in for several shots. 8 7 6 5 4 32

    I really like the idea of little Santa with his soother! So that was just a quick overview of my newborn session with Caleb! Let me know if you’re interested in reading more about behind the scenes and set ups or newborn sessions or any other kind of session!



    Floor by: Madison Rose Photography
    Snowman Hat by: Miriam Martens
    Santa Hat by: Rochet



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